Carrots and chaos…

This article, in the Guardian, discussing the problems of keeping Britain supplied with carrots and other veg during the recent, relatively brief, cold snap, contains this gem “There’s not as much slack in the system as there used to be, especially from Scotland, because the distances things have to travel are so big.

My italics.

This, bear in mind, is on a relatively small island, where the extremes – Land’s End and John O’Groats – have been shown to be within walking distance of each other many times. It is not, for example, France or Spain, the continental USA or, perhaps Russia – countries where distances are truly “big” – it’s an island that is just 800 and some miles long at the extremes.

The distances, then, are Continue reading

Snow, ice, road gritting, and a useless government…

On a day when it’s snowing again in many areas, though here, it’s at the rainy end of sleet,  the government has demanded further cuts in road gritting. The Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis, has announced it must be cut to half the levels of this time last week to conserve stocks. Four days ago, that was 25%, which as I said, where I live was 25% of fuck all.

Perhaps Lord Adonis knows what the answer is today, to the question of Continue reading

Snow, ice, and a useless council…

Councils are being exhorted to use 25% less gritting salt on their roads. In the case of Wirral council, that might be impossible. What, after all, is 25% of fuck all? Their failure to keep roads open is abysmal.

It snowed like buggery here in the northwest last Tuesday, and nobody cared very much. Apart from closed schools – pussies! – life went on pretty much as normal. By dark, when the snowfall fizzled out, we had about 5” here, though in other parts of Wirral it seems barely to have snowed.

On Wednesday, the snow reached London and the south-east, and the buggers haven’t stopped bitching about it since.

Thing is, though, here in Birkenhead, some of us are in deep shit. Though I Continue reading

Road gritting fiasco…

Until 1984, when I got married and was nagged out of it, I was a biker (and a cyclist before that), and again in the mid nineties, when I had a combination, with my wheelchair in the sidecar. My point being that bikers and cyclists have a more intimate relationship with road conditions that motorists, and from October to March icy and snowy roads were, if not the norm Continue reading