Lies, damned lies, and UKIP…

Is there a single journalist in Britain this weekend who is NOT lying about UKIP?

Triumphant Ukip – says the online Guardian this morning. Well, I suppose it makes a change from “Earthquake” though it’s no less mendacious.

So, then, where did that triumph happen? Continue reading

HMS Astute – a new hunter-killer sub that doesn’t work very well…

Having spent a chunk of my life in shipbuilding, I can tell you that such a scenario is hardly novel, but it’s a tad disheartening to see the Guardian getting its ill-informed knickers in a twist over HMS Astute, the first-in-class of a new series of hunter-killer submarines built, somewhat eccentrically, one might think, by BAE systems – not exactly an established name in the construction of warships** – and riddled with faults.

**So no real surprise to find the whole project is something of a Continue reading

Don’t be unkind to Nick Clegg, Simon Jenkins won’t like it…

Simon Jenkins, at the Guardian, has written an encomium for Nick Clegg that is so absurdly at odds with the reality of the self-serving oik that it beggars belief. Only a man isolated, by money and circumstance, from Cameron’s depredations, enabled by Clegg and the LimpDems, could have written such egregious tripe which, among much else that was detached from reality, included this garbage:-

“Tolstoy was right about Nick Clegg. After Continue reading

How British am I? Not very, apparently…

… based on the Guardian’s online “citizenship test” and, if it truly reflects what immigrants are going to be asked, I have to say that it’s mostly irrelevant to British life, and not just because I failed, miserably!

In actual fact, this is an example of what happens when you comment on an item, as I did, writing this, without reading it properly, but hell, I’ve written it so I’m not wasting it! 😉

The thing is, just how knowing in what order Shakespearian plays should be put, or the lyrics to elderly Punk songs, or which of three black footballers were once known as the Continue reading

Fantasy Food Waste – a game for all the family…

UK families waste £270 a year on discarded food, say the Guardian,** cutting and pasting a press release (which it really should have opened up to comments, because generalisations, like this, are usually bollocks**).

**But see the Telegraph, below for a seriously off-the-wall figure!

By the way, did you know we had a Waste minister, Lord Taylor of Holbeach? Neither did I, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I’ll be lectured on waste of any kind by a Tory peer, no matter how apparently humble his antecedents.

This week I’ve “wasted” Continue reading

The trouble with mobility scooters is…

…disinformation and bigotry.

On May 2, the Guardian published an article, by Amelia Gentleman, called The trouble with mobility scooters.

I took exception to some of the content, and on Twitter I expressed the opinion that I expected better of Ms. Gentleman. The result, after an exchange of tweets with Ms. Gentleman, which Twitter, in its usual inept way, has lost/deleted, is what follows – somewhat delayed, I’m afraid, but it’s been a bad week health-wise. For that reason, too, it’s not my best work. Sorry about that, but not a lot I can do.

There’s much I didn’t respond to in the original, but that’s because Continue reading

It’s not the Taj Mahal, it really is a Mosque…

Like many others, I went along with idea that EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson is a pillock, calling the Taj Mahal a mosque.

However, like many on Twitter, I didn’t bother to check the image on Twitter’s welcome page against a pic of the Taj Mahal. Which is a pity, because it’s not the Taj Mahal at all, it’s an actual mosque. Oh, the horror!

Or not.

I got Continue reading

Aliens? What aliens?

Over in the land of the free and slightly unhinged, Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University, are trying to encourage every tinfoil-hat wearing  fruitcake to scour over 340,000 (currently, but expected to top 1 million), photographs of the lunar surface in a quest for alien artefacts like, no doubt, a Continue reading

Damned with faint praise…

An extraordinarily hysterical headline in the Guardian shrieks “SIR TIM BERNERS-LEE Invented the internet (sic). OMG!” (and why invented is capitalised and Internet is not, is a mystery only the 13 – count them, bloody 13 – people who wrote this crap can explain.

Not so much OMG as OhFFS! Look, stupendous though Berners-Lee’s achievement was, he did NOT Continue reading