A leg support for use in Lymphoedema – Update.

My leg – the right one again – has taken a turn for the very much worse, and the pain is enormous, as is the swelling. Clearly, then, I’m going to have to elevate my leg at some point.

I can’t use anything that’s going to put pressure on the affected parts (pretty much anywhere between knee and heel, effectively), so finally,

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A letter to my doctor re Addison’s Disease…

As you might know, there is no doubt in my mind that I have Addison’s Disease. However, no doctor has ever uttered those words in my presence, so I want it confirming by my GP. In writing would be nice, but verbally will do. The disclaimer in line three is so I can’t be accused of blaming him.

The person at fault is the fruitcake consultant who was so obsessed with colon cancer, which wasn’t even his field, he neglected to inform me about what was really wrong with me. For those who missed it, no, I do not have colon cancer, nor was there ever any valid reason to suspect that I did.

Dear Dr. Xxxx,

I have a question – Do I have Addison’s Disease?

NB: No criticism, express or implicit, is intended of any individual.

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Addison’s Disease – surviving the doctors…

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I have Addison’s Disease – totally unsuspected until a moment of clarity, rare these days, enabled me to put current medication in context with previous hospitalisation, plus the events leading up to it and to conclude that I have Addison’s. Extensive research has simply confirmed that – there is just no room for doubt. Trust me, were there room, I’d grab doubt with both hands – this is not something I am happy to have. However, my main problem Continue reading

Chronicles of the Heart, Part 56…

Well, I thought I was done with Chronicles, as the last instalment was almost a year ago, but it appears my body has other ideas.

What follows, then, is a cautionary tale for those of you who might be have a similar combination of extreme pain, respiratory malfunction and a dodgy heart. If you need morphine, lungs and heart might well preclude the effective treatment of the pain.

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Anniversary of a catastrophe…

In two days time it will be the first anniversary of my admission to hospital, arguably just a few steps ahead of my death from starvation.

I think it’s fair to say that while I am vastly improved now, I am by no means fully recovered, and I probably never will be. This situation has not been helped by my being kept in the dark by the very  people whose job it is to keep me informed upon all matter relating to my health – my doctors. As a result, these pages have often been filled with speculation, on my part, as to what the hell was wrong with me, what is still wrong, and why I almost died? And why, in the absence of detailed information and support, I could have done so at any point since then. Finally, I have an answer.

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Leg report – and it sucks!

As I reported here, two weeks ago, the staff nurse attending on that day  sprayed saliva into the open lesions on my leg (by talking while she was way too close to it). Last week they were looking decidedly iffy (they looked pus-filled, I have the photos, below, luckily), and the other staff nurse said that they were clearly getting worse. Today, when I removed the dressing, I was Continue reading

Affordable medical insurance? Yeah, right…

“Private medical insurance,” says the ad, “It’s not as expensive as you think.”

Really? And that’s not the most egregious, lying, bollocks I think it is?

As a lifelong member of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Community, I currently have nine separate, serious, conditions,*** about half of which are potentially fatal.

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Leg report – not 100% happy.

Feeling pretty crap today.  Can’t sleep and way too much pain round the clock.

Since the turn of the year I’ve had no trouble getting to sleep – staying asleep is a whole different ball game. I’ve not slept for more than an hour at a stretch, and often only half an hour. Add in the almsot constant pain,and I’m in grave danger of becoming unravelled

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My Leg Can Be Healed!

Yep, it’s official, it can be healed. The nurses brought their resident expert with them today. The first thing I learned is that terminology in general use is so tightly focused in their field as to have effectively lost its original meaning.

Take “necrotic” – it simply means dead – dead tissue in a medical context (in the context of Tory politicians it’s the tissue between their ears). However, in the context of lymphoedema it is tightly tied to one specific type of tissue found in wounds.

This must surely cause confusion when they discuss patients with, say, GPs, and it could be dangerous to the patient if there’s misunderstanding.

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