Why are so many doctors moronic pillocks?

No, for once this isn’t personal.

I was reading a comment from a GP today, in which he claimed, without any major indication of loose slates or irony, that a patient with well-controlled asthma would need to use a Salbutamol (Ventolin), inhaler only once or twice a week.

This guy is so mind-bogglingly inept I will happily offer prayers to a Continue reading

My letter to my cardiologist, who seems to be leaving me to die…

And, dear god, am I getting sick and tired of writing letters, trying to stir the useless bastards of the medical profession into action, before they kill me through neglect.

I last wrote to this guy, who I’d initially tagged as one of the good guys, on March 14, explaining that if he wanted me to attend for tests, or anything else, that I had only a very narrow window of activity on a good day – I simply cannot be at the beck and call of the appointments office, that’s never going to work. But at much greater length, in much more detail, and more polite!

Result, total silence for 6 weeks. That, when I have a condition which is going to kill me sooner rather than later, simply is not fucking acceptable.

So I’m sending this tonight or tomorrow night** – or whenever I Continue reading

These bastards want us dead…

And by us, I mean the chronically sick and disabled.

Doctors back denial of treatment for smokers and the obese, says the Guardian, going on to say that “Survey finds 54% of doctors think the NHS should have the right to withhold non-emergency treatment.”

Smokers I have little sympathy for – you made that decision, in the face of all the evidence that it’s not just seriously harmful to you, but to everyone around you, so I’m sorry, but you get to live with the consequences. And had I not lived, worked and socialised among smokers for most of my life, until the ban, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as ill as I am now, so sympathy is in very short supply.

However, a lot of people Continue reading