Do able-bodied people really annoy those of us who are disabled?

Asks the Independent. Er . . . Yes.

I’ve been a wheelchair user for 29 years. Occasionally, at first, full-time these days. I’m typing this from my chair. Which isn’t really germane – just saying.

Let me say, up front, that I have no objection to able-bodied people offering unlooked-for help – just so long as they accept that it’s my right to politely decline that help if I don’t need it (sometimes I do need it, we probably all do occasionally, if we’re honest with ourselves). I also reserve the right to tell them to fuck right off if they become insistent.

I treat offers of help with the same good faith in which I assume they are made, and if I decline I do so politely. But I expect that to be the end of the matter – get pushy at your own risk.

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