A kitchen video studio?

My plan is to adapt my kitchen workspace for video recording. Cost is important, as is re-using any equipment I already have. However, the huge deterioration in my condition this week has rather screwed things up – but I’ll come to that.

Obviously, the first thing I needed was a camcorder. I do have a DSLR with video capability, but it’s too expensive to risk in the kitchen, so I had a poke around Amazon.

In the past I’ve saved a lot of money on cameras by buying last year’s model, so that’s what I did with the camcorder, finally settling, after much reading of reviews, on a Continue reading

A camera support for my powerchair…

I need some sort of support for my rather heavy d-SLR plus 140-600mm (35mm equivalent), zoom lens, which would also be capable of taking a spotting scope.

My idea was to use an Opticron 42605 BC2 hide clamp, a relic of my birding days (used once, the day I discovered the nearest RSPB hide was at the bottom of a heart attack-inducing hill!). (And a word of warning to any budding birders who happen to be arachnophobic – hides are full of the buggers!)

Clamping it to the armrest of my Shoprider Lugano – the perfect position – proved Continue reading