Christmas High-fibre muffins…

A note for those new to my blog; these muffins were devised to counter the constipating effect of opioid analgesics, which they do very well. This version also tastes bloody good anyway (as did its cheese and onion predecessor last time). Continue reading

Cheese and Onion high-fibre muffins…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about high-fibre muffins as a counter to drug-induced constipation, and very successful they were too. The only problem was that they were extremely friable, and there’d be crumbs everywhere.

So, I set out to find a way around that problem, and the answer arrived on my TV screen in the form of M&S mini cheese and onion muffins – I reasoned that as melted cheese is glutinous, when they cooled it would bind the muffins nicely.

I’ve reduced the oat bran, as they were Continue reading

High-fibre muffins…

Revised and updated, November 22 2011.

As regular readers might know, my diet needs quite a lot of fibre in it. I’ve tried various ways of accomplishing this, high-fibre muffins being the latest (and pleasantest by a country mile).

Having never so much as eaten a muffin (that’s the American-style muffin, not the flat English one, of which I’ve eaten many, the best Continue reading