A Rather Good High-Protein Winter Soup…


Had a bad day when I made this, and also dropped a plastic jug. What did it land on? My bloody ulcer! A mere 137g of plastic has never caused so much pain! Plus, the plumbing, hidden deep inside a wall, decided it had had enough, and let go, so the plumber was here searching for the leak’s actual location (eventually found it – they’re coming back today to fix it).

Anyway, amid the chaos, I needed soup, but with all the buggeration it had to be something fast and simple.

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High-protein Soup Addendum…

Well, adding fish to my veggie soup boosted the protein content nicely, and tasted very good, too. The downside, pretty obviously, being that the result wasn’t vegetarian.

Not a major problem for me as I’m not really a conviction veggie, it’s more my way of avoiding a dodgy, and contaminated, food chain, meat often being deeply suspect both in terms of quality and, even, species. I do feel, however, that if I’m going to be a veggie, I should adhere to veggie principles if I can, so I set about looking for good sources of veggie protein.

Quorn is out as I simply don’t like the stuff. In fact I don’t like most meat analogues, nor do I really see the point of them, but when I ate meat I’d often add a pack of Continue reading