Hospitals’ MRSA status claims – can they be trusted?

My local hospital boasts a zero infection rate for MRSA. They continued to do so when they had at least one case – me.

I could have picked up the MRSA I was told about today in the hospital in March-April.  I was in for 6 weeks, they tested me on admission Continue reading

My first week of liberty…

I’ve been out of hospital a week now (feels like much longer), and all things considered, I think I’m doing pretty well in such a short period. Still profoundly weak, and very bad on my feet, which is hardly surprising but, more worryingly, prone to falling asleep in the evening and missing vital meds (I have alarms set – they’re not waking me). At least I seem to be in recovery mode rather than just treading water as I was in hospital.

Meds have changed focus too. First shot of the day is 16 tabs and caps, with 7 more top-up dribbles of much smaller doses every 6 or 8 hours – prior to this the distribution was more even throughout the day.

Seems to be working, though, as I tend to peak in the mornings now**, rather than Continue reading

This is me – right here, right now…

In the post Ethics? Ha! (April 13), I detailed how I was offered a deal – stay off Twitter and get the best care available, or continue to piss people off (i.e. tell the truth about APH), and well, not get the best available care.

So yes, briefly I sold out, before coming to my senses, withdrawing my consent to invasive testing, and threatening to discharge myself.

Anyway, a large part of the initial conversation was the doc explaining in detail what was wrong with me (way too much), and my chances of survival (way too Continue reading