The disabled as an underclass, without human rights…

I’ve said this before, about a year ago but, as a follow-up to my last post, “Cameron’s Reich” and others in which I drew comparisons with the Jews of Nazi Germany, and the plight of the sick and disabled in this country, rapidly being stripped of our human rights, and now with travellers in the same predicament, it’s worth repeating Continue reading

A message for James Purnell…

The following is the text of a letter to The Guardian:-


“Lord Lester, a Liberal Democrat and distinguished human rights lawyer, quit as the prime minister’s adviser on constitutional reform a month ago. In a scathing attack yesterday, he revealed for the first time how he felt tethered by the government, describing its record on human rights as “dismal and deeply disappointing”. Guardian, 11/12/2008

Oddly, though, Lord Lester makes no mention of the continued persecution of the chronically sick and disabled by this most despicable Continue reading