To sleep, perchance to dream – Aye, chance would be a fine thing…

Just as one swallow doesn’t make a summer, one good night’s sleep doesn’t mark the end of a sleep-deprivation crisis that’s lasted for months – but it is significant.

When I was in hospital in August I was prescribed an ACE-inhibitor, Ramipril, to control my apparently high blood pressure. The problem is that I don’t suffer from the degree of hypertension that was shown in hospital – I suffer, increasingly as I get older, from White Coat Syndrome – a condition which generates false BP highs (in which the falseness lies in ascribing a pathological cause when the actual cause is environmentally-induced stress).

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Preserve me from the numpties at NICE!

Source: Pulse.


NICE is insisting that its plan to get GPs to get patients with high blood pressure to exercise more are workable (and will apparently be imposed next year), despite the fact that the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA has denounced the plan as unworkable.

NICE’s intention is that GPs will demonstrate to hypertensive patients that exercise to drive up their heart rate will be beneficial, which is quite absurd. I know from experience that exercise drives up my blood pressure to highly dangerous levels. Ditto heart rate. Such a generalisation, by NICE, is simply stupid.

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