The lies of Cameron, Osborne, and IDS in 2010…

I wrote the following just prior to the 2010 spending review – interesting, and depressing, to compare what was promised with what’s happened since and what’s going to happen.

I would draw your attention to the section on the loss of DLA, near the end – the ramifications of which extend well beyond just DLA.


Spending cuts are coming – are you worried?

October 13, 2010 by Ron

Before we Continue reading

Dodgy Dave’s support remains as strong as ever…

There’s a lot of surprise evident this morning, particularly on Twitter, that the Conservative vote held up so well last night. There shouldn’t be. After all, survey after survey has shown that Cameron, lying sack of shit though he is, has the support of around 50% of the country, including the entire readerships of the Telegraph and the Mail, I suspect.

This is why I keep insisting that, although the demos and protests are absolutely necessary, it’s going to be a long war of attrition – there is not going to be Continue reading

Spending cuts are coming – are you worried?

Before we – the chronically sick and disabled – get further shafted by next week’s spending review, let me remind you what Cameron said during his general election campaign:-

“We’ll keep the free television licence, we’ll keep the pension credit, we’ll keep the winter fuel allowance, we’ll keep the free bus pass. Those leaflets you have been getting from Labour, the letters you have been getting from Labour are pure and simple lies.” (my bold)

He also said: “We will keep what we inherit in all of those important areas.”

That creaking noise you can hear? That’s Continue reading

The big lie exposed… there are no jobs.

The Treasury has announced that the budget will cost 1.3million jobs.

The government said they want to get the disabled and the unemployed into work.

They are, of course, mendacious bastards who wouldn’t know truth or honesty if it bit them in the arse.

As I said yesterday, “plans” to get the disabled and the unemployed working are a crock – there are no jobs – and soon Continue reading

The coalition – a force for evil?

If you’re chronically sick and disabled, unemployed, or a single parent, after the news of the past week or so, I think it’s a very fair question.

Yesterday we had Ian Duncan Smith going for the Stupid Bugger of  the Year award, by suggesting that the unemployed, living in social housing, be forced to move from areas of high unemployment to areas where there are plenty (ha!) of jobs.

His argument is that the middle classes routinely Continue reading

The chronically sick and disabled – whither now?

Here comes the new boss,
Same as the old boss.

We will get screwed again… (with apologies to The Who)


Someone asked me what we can do, in the light of yesterday’s budget. Well, emigrate, would be my best suggestion. Not feasible for most of us, though, we can’t afford the medical bills.

Tempting though it might be, I don’t think lying on the floor, drumming your heels and screaming will help overmuch either.

As for introducing new DLA medical assessments by 2013, well, really, they couldn’t be any worse than those administered by Atos. If the assessments are honest, then I don’t have a problem. Which, in reality, probably means Continue reading

Claiming DLA, not claiming IB/ESA…

Another from my search-engine list – can I still apply for DLA if I do not get IB/ESA?

Absolutely – DLA is nothing to do with either benefit – you can claim it even if you are working.

It’s provided to help the disabled with the additional costs of mobility and care that disability generates. Obviously, you can be disabled (as an amputee, for example), and still work.

You can download a claim form to complete on your computer from this page.

The curse of James Purnell…

Listening to Yesterday in Parliament (Radio 4), this morning, to no-one’s surprise James Purnell’s farrago of oppression and persecution of the chronically sick and disabled community was ushered through the Commons with minimum impediment yesterday. The only hope now is that the Lords will have the sense, and the balls, to kill it, or modify substantially (though the Parliament Act means that the Lords can be over-ruled).When the general election rolls around, people, I hope you all remember this day, and demonstrate Continue reading