Addendum to I cannot – seriously – continue to live like this…

Yesterday ended in the worst pain-related crisis to far.

In the morning, when the scheme manager saw the state I was in, she went off to shout at the GPs again. She got the guy who had turned out the previous day, and was as unimpressed as I’d been. Luckily, in the afternoon, someone else came out.

We had a chat – was I really suicidal? YES!!! And what can we do about that? Fix my intolerable pain!

We kicked a few ideas around, and finally settled on Gabapentin.

As he was leaving I asked, if it turned out there was no medical solution Continue reading

I cannot – seriously – continue to live like this…

After years – decades – of begging for effective analgesia, I got Tramadol, prescribed by APH and continued once I was out. This took care of what I think of as my “old pain” – the pain that goes back to the lightning strike in 1983 which damaged almost all of my joints – but did nothing for the increasingly agonising pain of my lymphoedema.

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