Volumatic Spacer…

If, like me, you have a Volumatic spacer device for use with your asthma/COPD inhalers (and if you don’t you should have – they’re very much more effective than the inhalers alone), you might find, also like me, it tends to fall on the floor rather a lot.

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Dealing With Pulmonary Oedema…

After a week without at attack of this most egregious of respiratory illnesses (damn near killed me back in August and it is not a good way to go – trust me on that), I’m not happy at all to see it back this morning.

It kicked in at around 03.30 as usual, but failed to progress as it usually does, I stuck it until 06.30, watching with dismay as my sputum pot was filling up, then got the hell out of my bedroom and came in here, to the living room.

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Therapeutic coffee…

My coffee really came into its own today.

This morning, within seconds of getting out of bed, I slipped straight into a bout of pulmonary oedema. Not a bad one, like that which put me in hospital last month, but I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a good one, though bleeding was minimal and my breathing, while impaired, was tolerable. The serious element, though, was that my inhalers did little to improve the situation.

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Are Spiriva Respimat inhalers good for everyone?

A question from my search engine slush-pile – not done this for a long time – “is spiriva good for everyone with copd”. Referring to Spiriva Respimat inhalers.

Simple answer – No.

Patients’ responses to drugs vary widely, and no one drug suits all people. Take Ramipril, a drug used to treat heart failure. Many people take this with no problems. I took it Continue reading