Insomnia is a complex issue for many…

John Crace, in the Guardian, discusses insomnia, along with an “expert” who says the “NHS ought to be providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat it.” Oh bollocks! CBT is snake-oil for the 21st century! Anyway, some of us already know all too well why we can’t sleep, so having it explained to us by some numpty is no help at all.

As for Continue reading

Full Dark, No Sleep…

(With apologies to Stephen King)


Pray – pray very hard – to whatever gods there might be that you never lose the ability to sleep. It’s a horrendous experience and can undermine your emotional and mental stability, and after the better part of 2 months with no useful sleep (2-3 hours, if I’m lucky), I was coming seriously unravelled.

A major part of my problem is that I can’t lie down – if I do, I can’t breathe, my herat doesn’t work properly, and the pain in my chest is unbearable, so since the end of January I’ve Continue reading

No sleep, meds over-dose, life sucks…

Over 10 days now almost totally without sleep – nothing before 04.00, awake again at 06.00 to take my first meds of the day, maybe doze fitfully til 08.00 or  09.00 if the pillocks upstairs are quiet. That’s it.

And I’m starting to come unravelled, physically and mentally – I’m apathetic, lethargic, it’s hard to think (it’s taken me all day to type this), and I’m getting profoundly depressed. Something has to change, and soon.

Last night, I planned to do what I’ve been avoiding – drink myself into a decent night’s sleep. A good idea, though not a long-term solution, until I screwed up.

I take my late-night meds around 23.15. Last night, around midnight, I realised Continue reading