Has the government engineered its own downfall in sacking so many soldiers?

Someone on Twitter is asking, in the light of the carpet-bagging of the NHS, the persecution of the chronically sick and disabled, now extended to any group perceived as even remotely vulnerable, and other related fuck-uppery, and the suicides – where’s the anger?

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been seriously pissed off with the threats to disability benefits for almost 4 years (let’s not lose sight of the fact that what’s happening now was originally dreamed up by James Purnell and David Freud,** under Labour), as the intemperate language of my blog demonstrates only too well.

**Made a peer by the Tories to give them a voice to lie to the House of Lords.

Personally, I’ve been writing about threats to disability benefits since Continue reading

A pogrom against the chronically sick and disabled?

I posted a much shorter version of the following as a comment to the article Disability hate crime is our shame in the Guardian a few minutes ago, and it’s already racking up approval, so it’s probably worth saying again here, and though regular readers will be familiar with the themes, many will not be, and I feel it can’t be said too loudly or too often. Because soon, if nothing changes, it will be too late for words.

I took exception to the paragraph that started with Continue reading

The unbelievable stupidity of James Purnell (and that’s being polite)…

I’ve referred to Purnell here, before, as a fuckwit (and had someone complain about it, though not to me), but I make no apology for the word. It’s the worst thing I can say here that won’t have the libel lawyers banging on my door, or getting WordPress to demolish my blog (a process against which there is no appeal, according to their ToS – that’s fundamentally wrong, guys, it really is).

He does not, though, when it comes to the abilities of chronically sick and disabled people, have the slenderest grasp of the realities of the situation, nor Continue reading