Workfare need not be slavery…

Despite what numpties like @EstherMcVeyMP seem to think – that objecting to workfare means that “This knee jerk, cheap political point scoring from those opposing work experience will have a negative effect for our youth,” workfare is simply slavery by another name. Dress it up in rhetoric all you like, a pig in a tux is still a pig. See for yourself.

In the eighties, we had a scheme, the name of which eludes me after all these years, to help massage Thatcher’s 3-million-plus unemployed figures – which was workfare by any other name. I can’t recall if it was compulsory – my gut feeling says not.

I was roped into that, despite the fact that Continue reading


The doom of the sick and disabled…

Some of you will have read this on Twitter – I felt it wouldn’t hurt for it to become a blog post too, not least because I have a considerably wider audience now than I did then.

I wrote the following on September 13 2010 – the first time I linked Coalition plans for the sick and disabled  with those of the Nazis for the Jews in mid-thirties Germany – though by no means the last – and felt that the future is likely to contain workhouses, along with more misery, poverty, and death than I could get my head around at the time.

The only thing to change is that Osborne has faded, and Cameron stands revealed as the real villain, aided and abetted by IDS and his Lie Factory.

Frankly, though, it beggars belief that the sheer inertia of the population of this country means that it’s as true now as it was when it was written. Nothing has got better.

Indeed, the attitude of the public has hardened against us considerably, fuelled by the constant flow of lies from IDS, Miller, Cameron, and pretty much every other bugger in government, and I fear my prediction of an EDS-style anti-disability movement cannot now be far from becoming reality. Those as yet unaffected seem not to grasp that, at any moment, it might be their turn to become too ill, or disabled to work. What then, you smug, self-righteous pricks?

Let’s hope I’m wrong. I bet Cassandra thought that, too…


September 13, 2010:-

Who will control George Osborne?

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Who will control George Osborne?

It’s become quite clear, over the weekend, that George Osborne has been planning his purge of the chronically sick and disabled since before his emergency budget and, quite possibly, long before that, because I find it hard to believe that such obvious hatred of one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the country sprang fully-formed from a standing start at the May elections. It does, I suspect, go very much deeper than that.

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The big lie exposed… there are no jobs.

The Treasury has announced that the budget will cost 1.3million jobs.

The government said they want to get the disabled and the unemployed into work.

They are, of course, mendacious bastards who wouldn’t know truth or honesty if it bit them in the arse.

As I said yesterday, “plans” to get the disabled and the unemployed working are a crock – there are no jobs – and soon Continue reading

The coalition – a force for evil?

If you’re chronically sick and disabled, unemployed, or a single parent, after the news of the past week or so, I think it’s a very fair question.

Yesterday we had Ian Duncan Smith going for the Stupid Bugger of  the Year award, by suggesting that the unemployed, living in social housing, be forced to move from areas of high unemployment to areas where there are plenty (ha!) of jobs.

His argument is that the middle classes routinely Continue reading