KitchenAid v Kenwood Chef…

And the winner is – not the KA!

I was wrong when I said that my new KitchenAid Classic was close to my Kenwood Chef Classic in size. Well, it sort of is, but a design snafu deprives it of a lot of capacity compared to the Chef. On the Chef, the tools plug into a socket on the planetary head. On the KA a shaft protrudes a couple of inches downwards from the planetary head, so that the tools sit very much lower, below the bowl rim, considerably reducing its capacity.

In addition, despite being universally described as powerful, or even very powerful, they’re actually not – that’s rubbish.

The Classic has a 275Watt motor, against the Chef’s 800Watt – how is that powerful? Yet I allowed myself to be sucked in by all the Continue reading

Mixing it…

As regular readers will know, I make my own bread and, for the last year or so have had to use a Kenwood Chef Classic to do the grunt work (mixing and kneading). Deeply unimpressed to find that, used just once a week for bread (making two 2lb loaves), and again, very recently, for muffins, it’s now making ominous graunching noises, especially when mixing dough.

I’ve tried dribbling food-grade oil into the very few access points, but any improvement is short-lived. If it fails, there’s no bread, so Continue reading

Kenwood Chef Mincer attachment – treat with caution…

I use a Kenwood Chef Classic for the grunt-work mixing when making bread, and very good it is too. However, buying a mincer accessory for it some months ago was a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine for a bit of casual mincing – say converting braising steak to mince – but for anything more ambitious, forget it.

Part of the problem is that the mincer is poorly designed and clogs all too easily. The only way to reduce this problem Continue reading

Making bread using a stand mixer…

As there’s not a lot of advice on using stand mixers for mixing bread dough, I though I’d share my experiences with you. I’ve covered the basics in this post – this is the detail.

Because of worsening health, even before my recent crisis, and spreading arthritis, some months ago I started using a stand mixer, a Kenwood Chef Classic (avoid the Kenwood Prospero, it’s cheap and nasty, and the dough hook is a piece of junk).

Kitchen Aid mixers, which in some ways I would have preferred, are gorgeous, particularly the special edition Candy Apple Red version, but they’re overpriced and underpowered – see footnote.

My first attempt at using the mixer was disappointing and very Continue reading

My Breadmaking Progresses…

Happy New Year, folks!

2010 is going to be the year in which I get seriously into bread-making. OK, I can make pretty good bread already, but with having to work around the problems of my health, it can be difficult.

The first change is buying a mixer, which frees me from the problem of having a good day, healthwise, before I can bake. I was torn, as I’ve mentioned previously, between the Kenwood Chef Classic (white only),

and a fire-engine red KitchenAid Artisan. (The candy-apple red special edition is stunning.)

In the end, though, it was no contest. The…

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