Stainless-steel dough hook? Forget it…

On Boxing Day – do I know how to live, or what? – I wrote about getting a stainless steel dough hook for my Kenwood mixer. Big mistake. Not the writing, you understand, but the dough hook. It was dire.

The standard non-stick dough hook has a matte surface, which actually engages with the dough, mixing it properly. The stainless version, however, is so highly polished that it just slips through the dough, barely making contact. The result, 6 weeks of substandard bread, with me trying various ploys to remedy the situation before it Continue reading

Kenwood Chef Stainless Steel Dough Hook…

I noticed some time ago that wholemeal bread flour was abrading the non-stick (ha!), surface of the dough hook, so when I recently upgraded to a Chef Silver Premier, I decided to also upgrade to a stainless steel dough hook.

Now, on the original version, there’s a plastic flange which prevents the dough, as it climbs the dough hook – a worrying phenomenon the first time you see it – embedding itself in the planetary head.

However, the s-s version has a s-s flange, and this has a Continue reading

Kenwood Premier Silver Chef…

I’ve just bought one of those, and that “Silver” matters, as the basic Premier Chef, sans glass blender and Flexible Beater, and also without the Silver appellation, is distributed only through Argos.

Anyway, one of the problems with my previous Chef Classic, aside from a battery of ominous noises, is that it vibrates dreadfully. The new one doesn’t.

It is, though, by virtue of its Continue reading

Home sausage making in real time – more or less…

Right now I have a bowl of sausage meat that looks rather good.

It started with a bowl of cubed, spiced and seasoned (no salt yet), pork, a mix of belly and shoulder, flavoured with white pepper, nutmeg and mace, with a little sage, that I processed yesterday.

You’ll have to take my word for that. I know I promised photos, but it isn’t possible to set up my camera in the kitchen and still have room to work – I have an available  floor area of 28” x 34” – there’s barely room for me.

So, what I’ve done so far is Continue reading

Homemade sausages – here we go again…

Updated April 15/16 2011.

On March 23, 2008, I wrote about making home-made sausages. You never heard any more on the subject – that’s because it didn’t happen. What put paid to it was that the mincer-cum-sausage stuffer I bought was so bloody noisy it could only be used outdoors, while wearing ear defenders, and alternatives were way beyond my budget. And, later, I became very ill, something which culminated in my succumbing to heart failure recently.

Oddly enough, a life-threatening illness seems to have given me a bit of a boost. Maybe it’s a subconscious urge to make the most of whatever time I have left. No idea if Continue reading

Mincing my words…

On a much lighter note to my last post, I’ve bought a mincer attachment for my Kenwood Chef mixer, from Lakeland (I’m hoping my review will show up there eventually). Usual price is around £60, but Lakeland want £40 – too good to pass up.

It’s extremely robust – the plates are 6mm thick steel, which makes them a bit of a pain to clean, but they’re indestructible. The rest, apart from the cutter and spindle through the centre of the worm, which are also steel, is made from cast aluminium. There are three plates, fine, which is Continue reading