Your new Kindle Paperwhite (and the wi-fi password glitch)…

I have a shiny, new Kindle Paperwhite.  For Kindle newbies, the quick start guide shows where to plug in the USB power lead (in the USB port – oh, wow!). And, er, that’s it.

Turn it on,** though, and no matter how computer and Kindle literate you might be, you are forced to go through a familiarisation routine. And I do mean forced – there is no Thanks very much, I’m Continue reading

Kindle wi-fi setup problem, 16 months on – nothing’s changed…

I bought my Kindle in the first tranche to be released, in August 2010.  It took a few seconds to realised that when it asked for a password when connecting to wi-fi, what it wanted was the Network Key (obvious to many – totally not obvious to the vast majority – most computer users know nothing about what goes on under the hood). True, many people Continue reading

Kindle – first impressions…

As I said this morning, when connecting your Kindle to your wi-fi network it will ask you for the password.

You can input your password from now til hell freezes, and it won’t work.

What it actually wants is the Network Key.

A minor fault, but a stupid one. After all, many people, having had their system set up by a friend, would have no idea what a Network Key is, or where to find it. Of course, as the Kindle asks for a password, they have no reason to suspect they might actually need something else. If it asked for the Network Key they would at least have the opportunity of asking someone for help.

Anyway, I’ve said as much to Amazon and, if they take any notice, future Kindles might get it right (it’s a simple firmware fix).

However, it’s now mid-afternoon, and I’ve had time to give it a good going-over, and this is what I think. Continue reading