The Labour party time machine…

… taking us straight back to 1987.

Well, for all those of us hoping that this weekend would result in a buoyant and effective Labour party emerging from the drabness of the Brown years to form a dynamic (and possibly, if enough LimpDems defected, effective), opposition, we’ve been royally shafted.

We simply cannot – and I say this as a lifelong Labour supporter and trade union activist – have a party leader Continue reading

Disability benefits under the Tories…

Given that we may be facing a general election before next summer, with the chance of a Conservative government, I though it might be instructive to compare the policies of both major parties on the subject of the Chronically Sick and Disabled, and the funding thereof. This will, by default, focus on the Tories, as the Labour party website makes no reference to policies relating to benefits for the CS&D.

This, abstracted from the Conservative party website (Note, March 13 2010 – I’ve just discovered that the document has been removed from the website – I wonder why…), isn’t exactly cheering reading, and has the unmistakable stamp of Continue reading