The end of freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech has always been something of a chimera. It is not an absolute right, coming, as it does, bundled with the expectation of seriously expensive consequences if you libel or slander someone.

However, the right to say anything unflattering or critical of pretty much anybody would seem to be under threat as such an offence has apparently migrated from the realm of civil law and become a crime. Continue reading

McAlpine v Bercow – no justice here …

The outcome of Sally Bercow’s libel trial is an absolute travesty of – well, I was going to say justice, but this has nothing to do with justice at all.

Her *Innocent Face* tweet was in response to information about McAlpine that was in the public domain, and Continue reading

Service providers – take a stand against Atos…

What are Atos up to? Do they seriously believe that they are above criticism? It would certainly appear so judging by their current, and arguably illegal, behaviour.

You may well have heard that Atos, who carry out medical assessments for ESA (and soon to be turning their baleful attentions to DLA), on behalf of the DWP, have been instrumental in getting several blogs and websites shut down which they consider have been libellous towards them.

But, and it’s a big but, Atos have not Continue reading