Disabled people need Out-Patient appointments that suit them, not that suit the hospital…

What follows is a letter to the hospital in a last-ditch attempt to stop them giving me OPD appointments that I cannot possibly keep as they are far too early.

The Vascular Clinic, in particular, is a serial offender. In 2013, as I was leaving the clinic, they gave me an 08.30 appointment. I said it was too early. They said, OK, 09.00. No, still too early – I can’t cope with anything much before late morning. If you insist on 09.00 I won’t be here.

They did. I wasn’t.

They dumped me from the clinic.

The letter has been redacted so that no-one can be identified, except me of course. But look, if you do manage to figure out to whom I’m referring, don’t put it in a comment, it won’t be published. I’m having enough trouble without pissing them off!

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