Addendum to Leg ulcer getting worse but treatment is still primitive…

Checking the circulation in my leg is likely to be futile.

I do have circulation problems, but they originate in my heart, not my leg. I have heart failure, that’s a given even if the cause is uncertain. That’s because I have two conditions that can cause heart failure, a calcified and, in consequence, narrowed, aortic valve which, I suspect, is responsible for the persistent cramp in my hands and feet as it can impede blood flow to the extremities. And I also have COPD.

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Leg ulcer getting worse but treatment is still primitive…

This morning, in a discussion with the nurses about my deteriorating leg ulcer, all they can offer is compression – for which read MORE PAIN! Before they can do that they have to run an ultrasound test, and to do that they also have to check my lower leg blood pressure. And guess where the blood pressure cuff goes – yep, right on the ulcer. And that is just not going to happen.

At the moment I have a lightweight dressing on it, covered with two layers of very light tubular bandage. That, primarily, is sufficient to stop my leg swelling as well as keeping the dressing in place. It’s also staggeringly painful.

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District nurse cock-up…


I’ve phoned the district nurses to find out what’s happened to my appointment for today. I saw a nurse in the building this morning, so it seemed unlikely that anyone would be coming back later in the day.

So I phoned and asked, politely, if anyone was coming to change my dressings today. And – surprise, surprise – there’s no appointment scheduled for today – it’s tomorrow. This despite the last thing the staff nurse said on Tuesday was that there would be Continue reading

Leaking Lymphoedema and compression – not a good mix – Update…

And yes – I am as sick and tired of this as you are, but putting this in the public domain means that nobody has deniability. Fine, call me paranoid – I’m past caring.

This is my right leg. On Tuesday it showed a single shiny, wet, patch – now it’s a suppurating mess. Here I’ve just turned down the top of the dressing pad, to see Continue reading

Leaking Lymphoedema and compression – have I found a solution?

I believe I might have figured out what’s causing me such grievous problems.

The nurses, district and hospital, use a very coarse, tubular, mesh (can’t recall what it’s called), usually next to the skin to hold antiseptic dressings in place.

The trouble is, it’s so coarse, and my skin is so fragile, that if I rub it to ease an itch,** or pain, even through Continue reading

Leaking Lymphoedema and compression – not a good mix…

I’m recording this here mainly in self-defence, because my legs have taken a turn for the worse and the nurses refuse to accept that this is as bad as I believe it is. For me it’s not a belief issue – I can plainly see that all is not well.

On the left ankle, the shiny area is raw flesh, where the skin has eroded under compression bandages with which, for now, at least, I have refused to continue. On Sunday, that area was the size of a 10p coin – that it is now Continue reading