Dropped Spoonie…

Many years ago, before I even knew I was a Spoonie – hell, before I’d even heard of Spoonies – I made a major lifestyle change.

I lived alone, then as now, and it was so easy just to get out a clean plate, and cutlery, that eventually I was overwhelmed by washing up. So I though sod this, kept one set of cutlery, and another of crockery, and consigned the rest to a box in a dark corner. This had the advantage that the washing up never piled up, and it imposed the discipline of having to wash up or not eat.

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Making life easier…

Here’s a tip for anyone with weak and/or painful hands – try Lexan tableware. I first used this on camping trips many years ago, as it’s very light and almost indestructible and, eventually, I began using it at home.

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