The king is dead, long live the … oh, hang on a minute…

So Jean Todt is elected, president of the FIA. No surprise there, as anyone who can read a newspaper will know about Mosley’s industrious machinations on Todt’s behalf. And not even particularly secretly, which shows what an arrogant fuck he  is.

Ari Vatanen was by far the better man for the job. Not only did he have the necessary political experience, he would have been totally unbiased regarding F1 – the area where the Continue reading

Flavio Briatore is appealing – but not very…

Flavio Briatore seems set to launch an appeal against the lifetime motorsport ban by the FIA, handed down after Renault race-fixing scandal. Yes, well, good luck with that, ragazzo.

I’m more than a little intrigued by the fact that Briatore, with apparently not the slightest sense of irony, and a perfectly straight face, has said “In this case, the FIA has been used as a tool to exact vengeance on behalf of one man.”

Indeed, as we all know, Briatore was Continue reading

The fall of Max Mosley looms – hopefully…

Damnation! I wrote this this morning, and forgot to post it!

I’ve been greatly cheered, today, to discover that the News of the World has published an article alleging that FIA president, Max Mosley, took part in a bondage sex orgy with five call girls. They claim to have extensive video footage of the five-hour event, in which Mosley was, allegedly, flogged until he bled, and handed out floggings in return, all while dressed in a Nazi uniform.

I have no idea, yet, whether this is true or not. Personally, I sincerely hope it is true – it’ll get rid of the arrogant, self-righteous prick once and for all, and Formula 1, at least, will be a better place without his extreme pro-Ferrari bias and his eternal and pointless buggering about with the rules. OK – you could argue that banning traction control is a good thing, but abolishing launch control for the start of the race is so dangerous he should be hung by the nuts. Unless, of course, he’d enjoy that!

There have been, for many years, again allegedly, compromising photos of Mosley in the possession of Ferrari – if true, and we may now find out, that would explain a hell of a lot. Not just the all-too-obvious pro-Ferrari stance of the FIA, but his rabid, sustained attacks on McLaren, which went on long after the farcical trial was over, with no justification whatsoever.

Update: Mosley has moved away from denial to defence (mind you, denial is hard to sustain when the whole world can view the video on YouTube!), saying that he spoke in German because his hooker didn’t speak English. Er, excuse me, he felt he had to count out the strokes of the cane he administered in German. Why? Logic suggests the girl would have had no problem keeping count, no matter what language she spoke! He also says “…a scandal paper obtained by illegal means pictures of something I did in private which, although unacceptable to some people, was harmless and completely legal.”

Sad to say, it was legal, and the law can’t bust the old pervert, but give me a break – beating the shit out of women, with their consent or not, is never harmless, even if it was reciprocated. We all have our sexual foibles, but Mosley’s behaviour was a whole universe away from what should be considered acceptable, bearing in mind the world-wide abuse of women in the sex industry. It could be argued that the women were equally culpable, but since we don’t know their circumstances, and whether any of them were forced to be there, I shall refrain from comment. Mosley, however, was certainly not forced to be there.