Pork Liver, Meatball, and Soya Bean Soup…

I won’t be able to get into my flat during the day for the whole of next week as I’m having a wet room installed at last. I’ve not been able to use a bath for years as, even if I managed to get in, I don’t have the strength to get out again. A wet room and a shower wheelchair will solve that problem.

Today I’m making the following soup and tomorrow, all being well, I’ll make a cherry-laden fruit cake.


The idea of this soup, and my previous Chunky Beef and Bean Soup, is that by combining elements of a vegetarian recipe with meat, I can maximise my protein intake. As regulars might know, I have only one meal a day, and getting sufficient protein in a veggie diet is impossible, no matter how desirable it might be.

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Meatballs with Harissa, Sweet Paprika, and Cherries…

This was just tossed together – nothing weighed or measured except if it came in packs. This, I have to say, is how I prefer to cook and how I get the best results – trusting my instincts.

Obviously, then, measurements given here – again, except when in packs – should be taken as a guide, a place to start.

Makes 3 litres in my Spoonie-friendly casserole.


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