Warning signs and other ramblings, with added food…

Extremely dismayed, in bed last night, to see that my right leg (I have bilateral lymphoedema, for new readers), was once again swollen. Being on my feet much of the day, and up a step-ladder at one point, probably the reasons.

It’s gone down again this morning but clearly a warning sign that I need to take much more care of myself. Trouble is, there are many things I have to do myself because there is no-one else to do them for me like, yesterday, stocking my shiny new fridge freezer, and (the ladder thing), repairing the reflective film on my window (my flat faces due south, that wall is almost all glass, and the sun can push up the temperature into the high 30s without the film – and yes, I do get tired of explaining to the witless that I’m not hiding from aliens, or CIA death rays!).

And, in the next couple of days, there are things I have to do that I wouldn’t Continue reading

Supplements for ME/CFS…

Revised and updated January 25, 2014.

Many people have their own favourite mix of vitamins and other supplements that help them cope with their ME/CFS, as do I. Over the years, many supplements have come and gone, failing the placebo effect test. Those that remain actually are beneficial.

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