Chronicles of the Heart – Poor medical advice…

As I reported yesterday, I was told to reduce my diuretic intake. I said this:-

The doc also told me I should stop worrying about my fluid retention and reduce my diuretics. Er, no. I’m sorry, but even if my heart isn’t the cause, fluid retention on the scale I have it is bad news – it can’t just be ignored. Nor is it going to be. Continue reading

A Spoonie in the kitchen…

For those of us of the disabled persuasion, cooking can be – and all too often is – a major challenge, and frequently, like yesterday, a challenge too far. No matter how good we might be, it’s the lack of physical resources that’s the problem.

My first batch of meds, including morphine, Hydro,** and antibiotics, among much else, was taken at 06.00, second batch at

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I really don’t know what to do about my future, or even if I have one.

Self-pity warning! Things are getting away from me and I hope, by getting this out of my head (and I’ve thought long and hard over whether I should post this, the emotional cost of which has been pretty high, and scary), I can regain some control. Or, at least, a semblance thereof, because if things don’t change for the better, I’m screwed.

I don’t normally do self-pity – I just thought I’d get in with it first!

To show you one of the things that is blighting my life, I was going to leave this completely uncorrected but, by the end of the first page (there are 6 in total, plus the image), there were so many errors I just couldn’t face it. And it was becoming unintelligible. Which is why it’s taken 3 days to write just under 2,300 words.

So, anyway, I went for a walk the other day. Not a Continue reading

Some Ideas for Living with Chronic Illness…

About which all I can say is, they work for me…

A few days ago I was accused – in a nice way – of being too bloody-minded to die. It is, I suppose, quite true. At least that was also my late aunt’s view, and she’d known me all my life, so who am I to argue?

Of course, when your time’s up, it’s up – bugger all you can do about that – but I believe that the attitude with which you take on life can do quite a bit to make sure that day doesn’t arrive any earlier than it should, and hopefully quite a bit later – and that process begins in your head.

The opposite is also true.

So, having lived with serious illness, and disability, for all but my first 2 years, I thought that Continue reading

Can you be chronically sick and still be green?

Can you be chronically sick and green at the same time (other than when your meds make you barf, that is)? I don’t think you can.

The biggest problem is probably medication – I take 16 drugs daily, sourced from  a world-wide pharmaceutical industry (then there’s my supplements, six of them, subject to a similar manufacturing process, but on a smaller scale). So far not really too bad – these things are churned out by the million, so the carbon footprint per patient is probably pretty low at this stage (anyone know if this has been studied?).

Where it all falls to pieces Continue reading