Sick? Disabled? Just think happy thoughts and all will be well…

There is an infuriating tendency on Twitter for people to say things like “I have a life-changing, painful and disabling, potentially fatal, illness, but it’s not really me,” or “Hey, I’m totally happy that I’m so ill I’m confined to one room!” Or one that seriously pissed me off late last night, and I paraphrase because I can’t recall the exact words and, on Twitter, it’s impossible to look stuff up “ If your life is shit, it’s your own fault for doing it wrong,”

Such sentiments, in all their apparently infinite variations and expressed by people who are, apparently, sick and disabled, tell me one of two things Continue reading

#BeFrank campaign – my contribution.

So OK, then, I’m depressed.Depression is not just feeling fed up, or unhappy with your lot – it can be life-threatening.

I suffer from frequent, almost suicidal depression, and the drugs don’t work. SSRI’s*** make me cough so uncontrollably my lungs bleed, and tricyclics shut my brain down – can’t be doing with that.

**SSRIs do actually work, and kick in very quickly, but the side-effects are too severe to tolerate. Ditto tricyclics. Received wisdom is that both these drugs can take three weeks or so to kick in – in my experience it’s more like days.

Depression – serious to the point of suicide depression – is Continue reading