Revisiting Twitter’s retweet censorship…

Some time ago I complained about Twitter deleting retweets of contentious tweets and tweeted blog posts – they still are.

Since then, though, I’ve set Twitter to email me whenever someone retweets anything of mine, and it’s become apparent that not only are retweets still being deleted, some aren’t even reaching me at all.

Some, but by no means all, of the missing Tweets are still visible on Android Twitter, but are gone from web Twitter, MetroTwit (which I normally use), and TweetDeck, which Continue reading

A solution to the Twitter Jail problem – update…

Back in December, I wrote that the way to avoid the all too common – regardless of how much or how little you used it, even if you’d only been online a few seconds – problem of Twitter Jail was to use the Twitter client MetroTwit, and not TweetDeck, which was causing the problem.

However, since the new “improved” Twitter (is this the biggest Continue reading

A solution to the Twitter Jail problem…

My followers on Twitter are all too aware of my bitching about being in Twitter Jail. Which is what happens when Twitter thinks you’ve outstayed your welcome and shuts you out, either saying you’ve reached your hourly limit (infuriating when I’ve been offline for 36 hours!) or saying Sorry! We did something wrong. Please refresh the page and try again. Equally cretinous and utterly meaningless.

They need a new announcement “Sorry, we’re total fuckups but, hey, we don’t care!”

Anyway, I figured Continue reading