Swine Flu – the novelty wears off…

It seems, despite all the publicity about the potential  pandemic, people are getting terribly blasé about it. That’s probably a mistake, even though, outside Mexico, it has been extremely undramatic.

In the pharmacy, yesterday, waiting for my monthly meds – which should have been delivered but the doctor’s surgery screwed up – a guy wandered in and asked for Continue reading

Swine flu…

The more retarded members of the UK’s media are pondering the question of why this is called swine flu, when no pigs have been found to be infected.

So, for the hard of thinking, this is a mutated version of the H1N1 type A flu virus that normally causes flu in humans. The mutated version also contains elements of the swine flu virus (as well as traces of the variant that affects birds). The swine-flu component is what gives it its populist name, because people-swine-bird flu is just too cumbersome and would confuse even more people.

See, told you it wasn’t hard.

And as I said in my previous post on the subject, comparisons with the 1918 pandemic are facile and alarmist.

Flu pandemic – are we screwed?

The long-anticipated flu pandemic may be here at last, rolling out of Mexico across the world. A strain of swine flu has jumped the species barrier and is now transmissible person-to-person. And what re the Mexicans doing? Telling people not to kiss or shake hands! Unfuckingbelievable. And the Americans are as bad.

Here, at home, the advice is Continue reading