Mixing it…

As regular readers will know, I make my own bread and, for the last year or so have had to use a Kenwood Chef Classic to do the grunt work (mixing and kneading). Deeply unimpressed to find that, used just once a week for bread (making two 2lb loaves), and again, very recently, for muffins, it’s now making ominous graunching noises, especially when mixing dough.

I’ve tried dribbling food-grade oil into the very few access points, but any improvement is short-lived. If it fails, there’s no bread, so Continue reading

My Breadmaking Progresses…

Happy New Year, folks!

2010 is going to be the year in which I get seriously into bread-making. OK, I can make pretty good bread already, but with having to work around the problems of my health, it can be difficult.

The first change is buying a mixer, which frees me from the problem of having a good day, healthwise, before I can bake. I was torn, as I’ve mentioned previously, between the Kenwood Chef Classic (white only),

and a fire-engine red KitchenAid Artisan. (The candy-apple red special edition is stunning.)

In the end, though, it was no contest. The…

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Pickles and bread…

Christmas is pretty much the only time I buy pickles, and every year I’m disappointed by the quality.

This week I’ve bought a jar of Sainsbury’s sweet piccalilli – deeply crap bits of rubbery veg in a sickly-sweet goop that also manages to be savagely acidic. That’s because, while sugar is the greatest ingredient, it’s followed closely by

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