Addendum to Leg ulcer getting worse but treatment is still primitive…

Checking the circulation in my leg is likely to be futile.

I do have circulation problems, but they originate in my heart, not my leg. I have heart failure, that’s a given even if the cause is uncertain. That’s because I have two conditions that can cause heart failure, a calcified and, in consequence, narrowed, aortic valve which, I suspect, is responsible for the persistent cramp in my hands and feet as it can impede blood flow to the extremities. And I also have COPD.

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In hospital yet again…

If you’ve been wondering where I’d got to, that’s where. I’m out now though – escaped yesterday.

Let’s start with something positive. In 2011 I was stuck in Ward 34, APH, where they tried to kill me (already amply covered), and from where, after 4 days and nights of sleep deprivation, in desperation I got myself discharged while some ragged edges of sanity still remained.

Sleep deprivation, by the way, is a breach of the Geneva Convention.

This time, same ward, while it was noisy during the day, it was silent at night. Made a massive difference.

Having a side room to myself also made a huge difference.

I had diarrhoea when admitted, which got me the room – oddly, my MRSA counted for nothing – WHY?

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MRSA – The Return . . .

Can Amazon sell me a hooded robe, a brass handbell and a staff with a plaque  bellowing “Unclean!” at the world?

I’ve been telling every bugger who’ll listen, for weeks now, that there is something seriously wrong with my legs, beyond Lymphoedema which, trust me, is bad enough. And back comes the stock, meaningless answer, “You have cellulitis.”

Meaningless because all that means is that I have an as yet unspecified infection.

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What’s going on with my blog?

For those of you wondering what the hell is going on with my blog, I share your frustration.

The simple answer is that I’ve been in hospital – again** – with pneumonia and MRSA (though as far as I can see any opportunistic respiratory bug tends to get tagged as pneumonia these days, and it seems that any MRSA cure has to be taken on faith – take these for a week – there, you’re fine! Continue reading

MRSA and antibiotics – an opinion…

This is a revised (for clarity and to update it), version of a post of the same name from a couple of years ago. Parts of this post – for the third time today –  appear in others, in slightly different forms. I make no apology for this as people don’t always read other posts, or read them in sequence, so may have missed the information.


We are routinely told that one of the reasons for the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections like MRSA, in hospitals, is the over–prescribing of antibiotics. As someone whose life has depended on antibiotics (I have Stage 4 COPD), for as long as they’ve been available to the public (which is longer than most people realise – they date from about 1953, when Penicillin became widely available – prior to that, and afterwards too, as it was cheaper, the sulphonamide drug M&B kept me alive), I’m not convinced.

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Pomegranates and MRSA – just hold on a minute…

Pomegranate ‘can combat MRSA and other superbugs’ claims the headline in the Observer.

Well, maybe – and maybe not. The word “can” implies a degree of certainty, the word they should be using, at this stage of the game, is “might”.

Anyone remember the “Anti-cancer curry” cobblers of a couple of years ago, when laboratory tests showed that turmeric had a detrimental effect on cancer cells? Or any of the other, equally unlikely cancer “cures” that seem to pop up every few months, often in the Daily Mail, probably when there’s a slow news day? And which rarely, if Continue reading