Problems with My Espresso Ltd – Update…

Got my money back – the refund appeared in my account this morning – and they went right down to the wire with it.

However, if you have similar problems, be aware that I’ve been told by Consumer Direct (the organisation that’s been inserted as a buffer between the public and Trading Standards) – and hey, you’ll just love this – you can Continue reading


Problems with My Espresso Ltd…

A you may know from this post I cancelled my espresso machine order with My Espresso Ltd, because they screwed up.

First they said it had been despatched, then they said no, it hadn’t, but it would be that day, followed by oops, we don’t actually have any stock of this machine – despite, at no point, flagging the item as out of stock on their website.

So, seriously pissed off, I cancelled my order on June 16 (and subsequently ordered the same machine for less elsewhere), giving them 10 days to refund my money – £315.00 – or I would recover it through the courts. To date, they haven’t done so. And if you think going into threat mode so soon is Continue reading