Tip for NASA – being smart doesn’t stop asteroids…

NASA Asteroid Data Hunter contest hopes humans will outsmart dinosaurs, says the Guardian.

Which, if that’s what NASA, currently bigging-up its asteroid crowd-sourcing plans at SXSW, in Austin, Texas, really does think – and it appears to be – then it suggests they’re looking that the problem through the wrong end of the telescope (sorry 😉  )

So, they want to recruit geeks Continue reading

Aliens? What aliens?

Over in the land of the free and slightly unhinged, Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University, are trying to encourage every tinfoil-hat wearing  fruitcake to scour over 340,000 (currently, but expected to top 1 million), photographs of the lunar surface in a quest for alien artefacts like, no doubt, a Continue reading

Gary McKinnon – hero or idiot?

Headline – Hacker breaks into Pentagon computers, over a period of years, and is horrified and surprised when the full weight of the American federal judicial system comes down on his head. What the fuck did he expect? He was probably lucky not to be waylaid by a bunch of Virginia farm boys on his way to Tesco, and quietly made to disappear.

That Gary McKinnon did break US law isn’t in doubt. Hell, he admits as much. However, this case isn’t about justice Continue reading