A Spanish-inspired casserole of butter beans, fish, and red peppers…

If I say so myself, this, the original version, is a great dish https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/hake-with-judion-de-la-granja-paella-rice-and-tomatoes/

However, worsening disability requires a simplified version as the prep is just way too much work (and good hake is very hard to get hold of – we ship most of our catch to Spain), so that’s the task for this weekend, using Pollack.

Asda sells decent-quality skinless frozen Pollack fillets at £4 for a 900g bag, so I’ll be using some of that (you need a fish that’s not going to disintegrate in the stew, and I find that cheaper species, like Pollack or Coley, hold together reasonably well. Flavour is OK too – a tad more assertive than Hake, perhaps, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

This was originally inspired

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Hake with Judion de la Granja, Paella Rice, and Tomatoes…

First up, beware of Waitrose hake fillets (those in the white, plastic, bag). Why? Well they’re not bloody fillets for a start, just ratty scraps of fish glued together to look like fillets. They’re shit, they’ll bugger up this dish, but they’re all I’ve got.

So, Judion de la Granja, what the hell are they, I hear someone muttering in the cheap seats. They’re large, plump, Spanish butter beans. Except that the 2 kilos I have in stock turn out to be somewhat smaller than ordinary butter beans, but much plumper. Tastier too. Ah well… Continue reading