Nick Clegg – detached from reality, and from humanity…

“Clegg said the Tories would have introduced “draconian” welfare cuts if it had not been for the influence of the Lib Dems in the debate leading up to the autumn statement.” Thus the Guardian.

I have, as regular readers will know, speculated, at some length, on the sanity, or otherwise – mostly otherwise, I honestly believe – of those at the top of our government. And now I’m beginning to wonder about Clegg, too – is his close association Continue reading

Don’t be unkind to Nick Clegg, Simon Jenkins won’t like it…

Simon Jenkins, at the Guardian, has written an encomium for Nick Clegg that is so absurdly at odds with the reality of the self-serving oik that it beggars belief. Only a man isolated, by money and circumstance, from Cameron’s depredations, enabled by Clegg and the LimpDems, could have written such egregious tripe which, among much else that was detached from reality, included this garbage:-

“Tolstoy was right about Nick Clegg. After Continue reading

The lies of Cameron, Osborne, and IDS in 2010…

I wrote the following just prior to the 2010 spending review – interesting, and depressing, to compare what was promised with what’s happened since and what’s going to happen.

I would draw your attention to the section on the loss of DLA, near the end – the ramifications of which extend well beyond just DLA.


Spending cuts are coming – are you worried?

October 13, 2010 by Ron

Before we Continue reading

Want a job? All you have to do is ask…

Have you noticed how many TV ads there are for employment agencies running right now?

They all have exactly the same theme, though some are pitched at different pay grades – post your CV on our website, and the job of a lifetime is yours for the asking. Even better – you don’t have to ask, we’ll Continue reading

Spending cuts are coming – are you worried?

Before we – the chronically sick and disabled – get further shafted by next week’s spending review, let me remind you what Cameron said during his general election campaign:-

“We’ll keep the free television licence, we’ll keep the pension credit, we’ll keep the winter fuel allowance, we’ll keep the free bus pass. Those leaflets you have been getting from Labour, the letters you have been getting from Labour are pure and simple lies.” (my bold)

He also said: “We will keep what we inherit in all of those important areas.”

That creaking noise you can hear? That’s Continue reading

Sick, disabled, and worried? It’s Clegg’s fault.

Has Nick Clegg, arguably the most egregious suck-ass in the history of British politics, and Cameron’s lap-dog, finally lost the plot? This, from today’s Observer:-

“Clegg admits he was completely wrong to call Cameron a “fake” and a “con” during the election campaign and has been impressed by his pragmatism and flexibility. “He hasn’t been dogmatic. He hasn’t been doctrinaire,” he says. “I think this government definitely has the capacity to be a great, great reforming government.” ”

Maybe Clegg should have gone to Continue reading

Party leaders in TV debate horror!

I know Gordon Brown has lost the plot completely, but has he lost his marbles and his self-respect as well? Why? Well, because agreement has been reached on a series of televised debates with the other party leaders.

It will not go well.

Why the hell Brown agreed to this is quite beyond me, and what on earth were his advisers thinking? Because I seriously doubt that this is his idea. He must know Continue reading