Leg report – and it sucks!

As I reported here, two weeks ago, the staff nurse attending on that day  sprayed saliva into the open lesions on my leg (by talking while she was way too close to it). Last week they were looking decidedly iffy (they looked pus-filled, I have the photos, below, luckily), and the other staff nurse said that they were clearly getting worse. Today, when I removed the dressing, I was Continue reading

Nurses and Hygiene – and brutality…

As I said a few days ago, in this post, I intended to take issue with the nurses – especially the staff nurse – over their iffy hygiene. So, on Monday, I did.

There were actually two problems, one hygiene-related and this one, which is just dumb.

By early evening, last Friday, the dressing that had been changed in the morning was causing so much pain I had to remove it. The problem was that the Aquacel pad had been folded as it was too big and no-one had any sterile scissors. Why nurses would be without sterile scissors, or  why they couldn’t have done Continue reading

A message for my Friends on Twitter…

Tweeps: In the event that I do pop my clogs at some point this year (sorry, but it’s possible, there’s just too much wrong – I was surprised to make it out of last year alive) , I’ve made arrangements, via a friend, to see that you’re notified as soon as possible.

Right now, though, I’m Continue reading