Ocado – purveyors of crap to the unsuspecting…

The ragged strips of fish in the following photo speak for themselves. The label says “fillets” which, frankly, is bullshit. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s blatant misrepresentation. Sadly, I have 4 packs of this crap.

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This week I am mostly eating stuff from Waitrose. Sadly…

A couple of years ago I tried shopping at Ocado – three orders placed, three orders screwed up. Didn’t bother again. Until December, when I thought I’d give them another chance, since they kept telling me how much they’ve improved.

They have, too – three orders to date, no problems.

So in the order delivered a few days ago I got a week’s worth of ready meals. Continue reading

Wiltshire Farm Foods – Second Review…

Today it was Hearty Redcurrant and Rosemary Lamb Casserole (£4.95), with boiled potatoes, carrot and swede mash, and cabbage, and unlike yesterday’s underwhelming dish, lived up to its hearty designation.

I’ve no idea where the rosemary – one of my favourite herbs, but a lot of cooks treat it with excessive trepidation** – and the redcurrants were, but it was still very tasty and nicely filling.

**I blame Continue reading

Beware of Tesco’s Clementines…

And yes, I am serious.

Last night I ate two of them, both almost totally tasteless (even the skin, pith removed, just tasted bitter, not orangey). Within half an hour I felt desperately nauseous and still do.

I don’t know if they’re contaminated by pesticides – though how this would Continue reading

On the mend, and back in the Spoonie kitchen…

Well, boys and girls, at the risk of tempting providence, after 3 absolutely appalling months during which, some days, I didn’t eat as even the minimal effort of opening a can of soup was beyond me, I seem to be on the mend.

I know I’ve said this a couple of times before, and have very quickly been proven wrong, usually with 24 hours, but this time I think it’s for real. How so? Well, I had a good day Tuesday, and another, exceptionally busy, one yesterday,** and getting two functional days in succession – DWP snoops please note Continue reading

More bottom of the fridge soup, and random ramblings about food…

It is, I think, time for another venture into the realms of bottom of the fridge soup.

In the vegetable drawer in my fridge, I have carrots (an unopened pack of Sweet Spear from Sainsbury’s, which live up to their name, in addition to being very tasty and keeping very well is sealed in a plastic bag**); 3 leeks; a long, pointed, sweet red pepper; a couple of Echalion shallots; some onion; 3 or 4 King Edward spuds, slightly soft but still useable; and a bag of Rooster potatoes, unopened. There’s also Continue reading

Single? Poor? Some online grocers don’t want you…

I’ve been shopping for groceries online since there was just Tesco, when their virtual store came on a CD and was loaded into your PC. The software was subsequently updated every time you logged in – not an edifying experience, pre-broadband.

A lot of things have improved since then, as is to be expected, but some have taken a decided turn for the worse since the last time I looked at this a couple of years ago.

For openers, let’s be clear about one thing, no matter how popular it might be Continue reading

Random ramblings about food…

Not really random – there is a structure here, honestly – but I was stuck for a title.

I don’t make resolutions at this time of year, not least because it’s futile, but also because I never have. However, what I do need to do is cook more.

My ability to cook – not my cooking ability, which is excellent (sorry, don’t do false modesty) – is severely circumscribed by two things – my ability to stand, and the degree of pain. Sometimes both at once. This is why, when I can cook, I tend to cook for the freezer – the pain to food ratio is better.

The last thing I did was cook a hunk of silverside in the slow cooker,  with onions, carrots, and a handful of dried veggies, plus some dried thyme and basil, and a couple of beef stock cubes – Oxo is fine, as the volume of liquid mutes its characteristic taste which, personally, I don’t mind. The cooked meat was sliced and portioned, and the stock strained, beefed up – sorry – with a little Bovril. thickened with Continue reading