Browser Buggeration…

Note :- This was written over a period of days, more or less in real time, which is why some earlier opinions, particularly about Google’s Chrome browser, change towards the end.


For many years I have made use of the comments pages in online newspapers and magazines primarily the Guardian (writing as LePendu**), and most of the rest too (those that aren’t skulking behind paywalls, anyway), under my own name***, from time to time.

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Proposed carrier-bag charge from 2015.

Does Cleggy, the Plastic Bag Tsar-elect, ever think any policy, through to its conclusion? I’ve no objection to the proposed 5p per bag surcharge/tax on carrier-bags as, even when I was able to, I didn’t use them, but even for a coalition effort, staggeringly little thought seems to have gone into it.

These days, though, I shop exclusively online (I’m housebound), and my groceries are delivered in carrier bags, for which there are sound reasons, not least the speed with which the produce can be transferred from the delivery guy’s possession to mine,  enabling him to be on his way again quickly. Thus deliveries further down the line from me aren’t delayed, and I get to re-use the plastic bags for refuse disposal.

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Do we really need a fixed 48-hour delivery service?

As regular readers might know, I shop online – a lot. Nope, I’m not a shopaholic – shopping in person, except for the supermarket run, just isn’t an option.

Normally, unless I need/want something quickly – there are times when only almost-instant gratification will do – I opt for the standard delivery. As a rule, the only thing to do is wait, with varying degrees of impatience, until it arrives. Just occasionally, as happened today, I get a tracking number emailed to me.

Next day delivery items are straight-forward in their route from the receiving depot to my front door. Right now, though, I’m watching a package sent via Parcelforce 48-hour delivery early today.

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Homebase sucks…

…in so many ways, but especially if you’re disabled, and especially if you use the one in Upton, Wirral. But first, a little back-story…

Why? Well, despite many of the stores’ locations adjacent to the supermarkets, they are no part of Sainsbury’s. They are, in fact, owned by the group which owns Continue reading