Countering drug-induced constipation – linseeds update…

In my previous post I mentioned the problems of taking crushed linseeds, with water, to counter the constipation caused by opioid analgesics and enforced inactivity. As there was also a risk, given my respiratory problems, of at some point inhaling these, I needed to find a alternative delivery system. I have. (NB: Some people add them to food whole, but that does nothing for me.)

Today, as an experiment, I mixed 40g of Smash (any other instant mash mix will do just as well), with Continue reading

Countering drug-induced constipation…

I realise that for many people this is a distasteful subject. If that’s you, then spare a thought for those of us for whom this problem is purgatorial!


As regular readers may be aware, a side effect of my array of chronic illnesses is drug-induced constipation, the worst offenders being opioid analgesics, though others contribute to the problem, as does enforced inactivity.

The only solution to that problem, for many years, all else having failed,  has been beer, in sizeable quantities – a gallon or so is needed to break the log-jam, so to speak. Needless to say, that’s not doing me any good, especially as, now my heart is so comprehensively screwed, the sheer volume of fluid is a health hazard, causing Continue reading

Pain – the problems and dangers of control…

For new readers, or old readers that might have missed it, a little background about pain as it affects me.

The most dominant pain is that resulting from being struck by lightning, in the hills of North Wales, in the summer of 1983. This damaged most of my joints, but those in my legs are affected more than others, and it quite literally fried my feet, internally – melting the fatty pads in the soles, so that all that’s between the bones of my feet is skin and a very thin layer of muscle, the effect being akin to walking on shingle. It also destroyed an expensive pair of walking boots. I have no doubt Continue reading