Nick Clegg – detached from reality, and from humanity…

“Clegg said the Tories would have introduced “draconian” welfare cuts if it had not been for the influence of the Lib Dems in the debate leading up to the autumn statement.” Thus the Guardian.

I have, as regular readers will know, speculated, at some length, on the sanity, or otherwise – mostly otherwise, I honestly believe – of those at the top of our government. And now I’m beginning to wonder about Clegg, too – is his close association Continue reading


Does Labour regard the sick and disabled with contempt?

In Lords of the Blog, Baroness Lister of Burtersett takes Osborne to task over his use of the terms “strivers” and “skivers” but, while accepting that the “strivers” are  “… generally people living on benefit,” who are “…making their way with considerable effort,” she completely fails – whether deliberately or by oversight – to mention, even in passing, those hundreds of thousands of us who are tagged as “skivers,” when we’re not Continue reading

Democracy? What democracy?

There’s a move afoot on Twitter to get people to email their MPs, demanding a no-confidence vote against the government.

Fact is, though, such votes don’t work like that, they’re normally issue-based, not simply “This House believes that Dave and Co. are a shower of shit, and should go, RT – sorry – vote Yes if you agree!”.

Emailing MPs like that assumes that we live in a democracy, and that MPs care about us** and will take notice. We don’t. We never have. The people have their say once every 5 years (and it takes more than that to make a democracy), barring anything untoward, at Continue reading

Is it unreasonable to expect sanity in government?

There is something radically wrong with the Tories in this government. Are we, in fact, governed by the insane?

In response to his hatred) of, and constant campaign of lies about (until IDS mostly took over that task), chronically sick and disabled people, I have repeatedly called Cameron’s sanity into question, and I believe I was right to do so. His actions and words on this subject have not been those of a rational man. I’ve gone over the reasons why so many times I don’t think I need to do so here. If you missed it, feel free to ask.

Then we have the egregiously, utterly, moronic Continue reading

A message for Ed Miliband…

Ed Miliband: ‘this will be a one-term government’ (The Observer)


Don’t bank on it, Ed – not unless your party finds itself a leader who isn’t a Tory in the wrong-coloured tie, and who hasn’t completely lost track of what being leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition means.

What it means, Ed, is that you don’t Continue reading

The doom of the sick and disabled…

Some of you will have read this on Twitter – I felt it wouldn’t hurt for it to become a blog post too, not least because I have a considerably wider audience now than I did then.

I wrote the following on September 13 2010 – the first time I linked Coalition plans for the sick and disabled  with those of the Nazis for the Jews in mid-thirties Germany – though by no means the last – and felt that the future is likely to contain workhouses, along with more misery, poverty, and death than I could get my head around at the time.

The only thing to change is that Osborne has faded, and Cameron stands revealed as the real villain, aided and abetted by IDS and his Lie Factory.

Frankly, though, it beggars belief that the sheer inertia of the population of this country means that it’s as true now as it was when it was written. Nothing has got better.

Indeed, the attitude of the public has hardened against us considerably, fuelled by the constant flow of lies from IDS, Miller, Cameron, and pretty much every other bugger in government, and I fear my prediction of an EDS-style anti-disability movement cannot now be far from becoming reality. Those as yet unaffected seem not to grasp that, at any moment, it might be their turn to become too ill, or disabled to work. What then, you smug, self-righteous pricks?

Let’s hope I’m wrong. I bet Cassandra thought that, too…


September 13, 2010:-

Who will control George Osborne?

Continue reading

Eugenics – a new government policy?

There’s a fair amount of consternation, online, over that fact that the public aren’t up in arms about the government’s halving of benefits for disabled children. Personally, I’m not surprised at all.

The public, subjected to 18 months of lies and disinformation, demonising and criminalising the chronically sick and disabled, which emanated either directly from Cameron, whose hatred of us knows no bounds and is, arguably, not actually Continue reading

Where, now, is the UK headed?

This from the Observer, today:-

“… the Observer has learned that defence firms are working closely with UK armed forces and contemplating a “militarisation” strategy to counter the threat of civil disorder.

The trade group representing the military and security industry says firms are in negotiation with senior officers over possible orders for armoured vehicles, body scanners and better surveillance equipment.

The move coincides with government-backed attempts to Continue reading