Repurposing uneatable Spanish panceta …

If, like me, you like to flirt with the flavours of Spain, rather than the actual recipes (many traditional Spanish recipes are peasant dishes, and cry out, in my view, for a little plumping-up of their basic austerity), you might have bought some panceta.

This is the Spanish take on Italian pancetta – a block of cured streaky bacon – but in my experience, panceta turns out to be mostly fat,** and almost unusable (it does taste good, though as it’s from Serrano pigs), while pancetta is more Continue reading

“…and a light stew of chickpeas and roasted peppers and a chilli kick.”

“…and a light stew of chickpeas and roasted peppers and a chilli kick.”

I read that line in a Jay Rayner restaurant review last week and, I thought, I can do that.

OK, it may require a little creativity, but hell, at the risk of being immodest, I can do that too.

Mind you, I was, last week, accused of being immodest “about everything” when I happened to say that, when it comes to writing, I don’t do false modesty, which is true. I know exactly how good I am; I know my weaknesses as well.

And I suppose it’s true that I don’t do false modesty about anything else either. There’s a reason for that Continue reading