UK’s Paralympian’s can put the plight of disabled people centre stage – but will they?

Yes, I know there’s a rogue apostrophe in the title, but I can’t fix it without screwing up Google’s listing.


British Paralympic Association unveils ‘five-year vision’ with strategic plan that aims to use profile of London 2012 to help ‘inspire a better world for disabled people,’ while Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson also says “It’s important to recognise that the cuts will affect Paralympians, who have higher living costs as a result of their impairment.” (Source, Monday’s Guardian.)

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An open letter to Steve Cram, MBE…

The following is my version of the letter posted here

As you can see, I have rewritten it somewhat, partly to correct grammar and punctuation, as well as smoothing out a degree of clunkiness – it’s going out over my name after all – and also to remove a libellous sentence, something to beware of if you decide to opt for the original version. I have also changed the second para to make it a more polite request. Likewise the penultimate para.

As for the libel, to claim, publicly, that “There are many articles throughout the press concerning deaths and suicides caused by this company’s actions,” is to invite a libel writ by return of post. I am not prepared to endanger my blog – or myself – by letting that stand.

The fatal words are, of course, “caused by this company’s actions” and anybody going with that version had bloody well better be willing and able to stand up in court and prove it (simply knowing something is so does not make it true in the eyes of the law – you have to prove it). And even if you win, the court case could still ruin you financially.

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