PCA points don’t count for DLA…

Another question from the search-engine list – If you have 30 Personal Capability Assessment (PCA), points do you get DLA?

No, absolutely not. PCA applies to Incapacity Benefit, and assesses your capability to work. It has nothing at all to do with DLA, which, as I’ve said previously, is payable whether you work or not, and has to be applied for separately.

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Incapacity Benefit assessment update…

I heard, yesterday that I’ve passed my Personal Capability Assessment (IB50), for Incapacity Benefit. I should bloody well think so too! I needed to score 15 points to pass – I scored way over 100.

They’re looking forward to re-assessing me in 2011. Why? Do they think being three years older will somehow magically make me better? Anyway, by then I’ll be drawing my pension – something that appears to have escaped their notice.

Personally, I think whoever is responsible for this constant harassment of the sick and disabled needs to pay rather more attention to the realities. Surely they should look at whatever condition the claimant is suffering from and apply one simple criterion – is this condition curable? If the answer is no they should just bugger off and leave people alone to get on with their lives!