Fighting for my rights again – and getting sick of it…

As I mentioned in this post, I ran out of Phyllocontin on Good Friday.

By then in pretty dire straits, I faxed a repeat prescription request at 01.30 on Tuesday morning, explaining the situation and asking for an URGENT scrip. I didn’t get it.

I phoned the pharmacy this morning (Wednesday), to ask about my missing scrip – discovering that I didn’t have enough breath to talk, and had to waste more of it saying, repeatedly, “No, it’s not the line, I can’t damn well breathe!” Anyway, the upshot was Continue reading

Phyllocontin Continus – a cautionary tale… An update.

Note: This was written on Easter Monday. I mention this to save rewriting it to change the tense – so while past tense is still past, present tense is Easter Monday.

Days 2 and 3, on just one PC tab a day (morning), seemed to go well, day 4 (Monday), not so much (day one, Good Friday, I had the residue of the full morning dose in my system of course).

I’m very short of breath, and profoundly tired (O2 shortfall, presumably, despite my 95% O2 sats which, frankly, I don’t belive), despite sleeping for almost 10 hours last night, though my brain still retains a greater clarity than usual (put another way, less brainfog!), which I put down to there being much less codeine in my system (I found a sheet of 30/500 Co-codamol, but they need to be rationed).

Several things have become clear:- Continue reading

Phyllocontin Continus – a cautionary tale…

Yesterday morning I went into something of a tailspin, as I realised I was going into a 4-day bank holiday without the major component of my COPD meds – Phyllocontin Continus (hereafter referred to as PC). I was also out of Co-codamol, but as I have an emergency stash of DHC that wasn’t much of a problem, other than DHC exacerbates my heart-related oedema, but I can get by on half a dose (30mg), plus a couple of Paracetamol, if I have to. Not fun, but doable.

So after a mini melt-down (surprising how fast depression can come rampaging out of nowhere with a little encouragement – OK now, though), I found a few PC tabs in my carry-pack (the A5-sized leather man-bag that goes everywhere with me and contains my inhalers and a selection of meds). Only a few, though – 4, to be precise. That’s a 25% dose for 4 days, taking one in the morning (normal dose 2 tabs (450mg), every 12 hours), and none at night.

That worked out OK yesterday though, of course, there was the residue of my full morning dose lingering in my system. Today is crunch time. Continue reading