The pneumonia vaccine – be afraid, be very afraid…

If you suffer from ME/CFS, that is, because it’s totally screwed up my life, and I wasn’t having too much fun to start with!

As you might have noticed, of late, I’ve had a tendency to think out loud about why I feel so goddamned awful (and dreadfully weak – a few days ago I was putting air in my wheelchair tyres, and realised that, even though I had no problem just 6 months ago, I can’t actually lift the thing now).

Then, while writing the post about the 2010 flu vaccine a few days ago, I mentioned last year’s pneumonia vaccine, and its dreadful side-effects – and the penny finally dropped.

Looking back, that’s exactly the point when Continue reading

Repeated pneumonia – should you vaccinate?

A search-engine slush-pile question “I have had pneumonia three times should…” I’m assuming the missing words are “…have the vaccination?”

The answer to that is Continue reading

The Pneumonia Vaccine…

From my search-engine slush-pile – Pneumonia vaccine didn’t work.

It’s a common misconception that vaccines always provide total protection. They don’t.

Often, as with the flu vaccine (the first one I had in 1968, the ’kin thing gave me flu for the first time in my life!), protection is partial. That is, you may get flu but, as your immune system is already partially Continue reading