Falling standards at the Guardian, Part 2,357

This morning, the online Guardian offers this gem:-

“The 83rd Academy Awards kicked off with an opening monologue – widely considered slightly substandard – from James Franco and Anne Hathaway.”

Perhaps, out here in the real world Continue reading

Falling literacy standards online…

Can’t write? Don’t write…

I’ve complained here,  previously, about the piss-poor standard of English usage at the online version of the Guardian (which, for all I know, extends into the printed version too, but I’m not paying 90p a day to find out). This article, though, is Continue reading

English as she is wrote…

…or Bad Language Part 4.

I was reading the Guardian this morning and I was struck – not for the first time – by the sloppy English usage that’s so prevalent these days in the paper.

In the article “Bush bashed as satirists stick to familiar targets,” today, journalist Dan Glaister used “nemesis” in a way completely opposite to its real meaning. For example, Daily Show presenter, Jon Stewart is the nemesis of Continue reading