Home-made pork sausages…

Finally, I’ve made a pork sausage that (a) I’ve resisted the temptation to tinker with (last batch got a splash of cider at the last minute, instead of water – didn’t improve them, though they’re good poached in a herby tomato-based sauce), and (b) didn’t leave me a total basket case afterwards (I wrote that last night – I was wrong, though the clock change didn’t help either). Still going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow but, for now, just tired. You’ll find out why below.

Normally I use Sainsbury’s Continue reading

Cooking – thoughts, perceptions, fabada and sausages…

It started like this. Last night I tweeted, “Dear god, it’s twenty to eight – where’s my day gone?” Because it had seriously got away from me somehow. Someone responded “Time flies when you’re having fun,” and I went back with “Ah – fun – I remember that!”

And they bounced back with “ from your posts you seem to have a lot of fun cooking, making black puddings etc.”

Which set me thinking – if that’s how someone on Twitter perceives me, what impression are DWP snoops going away with – if they exist, which I have little doubt about.

While I have considerable skill, and a passion for cooking, and for learning new skills and making new recipes (if I say so myself I’m bloody good at it), it has, I’m sorry to say, long since stopped being fun. For me, it’s only fun if I have somebody, besides me, to cook for, and that’s not happened for far too long.

Cooking, like anything else I do, is extraordinarily painful and exhausting (exhausting is relatively new, but it’s been painful for years). In consequence I don’t cook as often as it might seem (a look at my blog will show that actual recipes are, in fact, quite widely spaced). And these days, when I’m able to cook, I cook for the freezer rather than expend the effort on one meal.

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Home-made Pork Sausages…

Yesterday, Saturday, I worked my nuts off, making a batch of sausage meat with meat sourced online, from Steadman’s of Sedbergh, instead of my usual Sainsbury’s pork. The same cuts, boned pork shoulder and sliced pork belly, and broadly the same price – but vastly superior.

I’ve complained before, here, about the wetness of Sainsbury’s meat, but the squishiness of it does make it very easy to run through the mincer. Steadman’s meat, in contrast, once some superficial bloodiness had been washed off, was excellent – firm muscle, without a trace of wetness. In fact, Continue reading